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Skillcrush is an interactive online learning community for creatives, thinkers, and makers. Looking for a more lucrative and fulfilling job, to design new products, or even to kickstart a new venture? You’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to demystify technology and help you completely transform your career. Even better, we believe that learning digital skills should be entertaining, delightful, and approachable. How will digital skills change you? Join a Skillcrush class or blueprint today!

Adda Birnir

Skillcrush Founder & Instructor

Adda is not only the CEO and founder of Skillcrush, but also an instructor. With her self-taught tech skills, she’s worked on building sites for the New York Times, ProPublica and MTV.
When Adda isn’t developing or teaching on Skillcrush, she enjoys watching Hall & Oates videos on YouTube.

Aisha Souto-Maior

Lead Designer

Aisha is the visual thinker at Skillcrush, handling all things design related. She uses her love of storytelling to drive her designs and to make sure she delivers user experiences that are a pleasure to use.
When she’s not getting lost in her designs, she can be found traveling, at a concert (the count is at 160 concerts and growing!), learning a new language or just spending time with friends and a great glass of wine.

Ann Cascarano

WordPress Teaching Assistant

Ann is a recent graduate of Skillcrush's WordPress Developer Blueprint - and is an eager student of all things web development. She hacks away at various code projects with the passion of a zealot. She is also a mom of a small pack of minions who will one day do her bidding. (For now, she's working on the family grocery shopping time NOT shaving years off of her life.)
During her off-parent duties, when she is not crafting code, Ann loves to sing, play the mandolin, curl up with a good sci-fi/fantasy book or take long walks with her dogs.

Cameron Chapman

Staff Writer

Cameron is a staff writer here at Skillcrush, and spends most of her time writing and editing blog posts and Ultimate Guides. She's been a freelance writer, editor, and author for going on a decade, writing for some of the world's leading web design and tech blogs. When she's not writing about design, she spends her time writing screenplays and making films (and music videos for rock and metal bands!) in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

Caro Griffin

Skillcrush Class Manager & Instructor

Caro is not only the Class Manager here at Skillcrush, but also our WordPress Instructor. She's a front-end developer with a background in higher education who tried nearly every role in tech before she found the hat she liked best (teacher).
When Caro isn't in front of her laptop, she's most often found curled up with a mug of Diet Coke and a huge stack of comics.

Deepina Kapila

Skillcrush Director of Digital Engagement & Instructor

Dee is a fun-loving instructor with diverse tech experience across Fortune 500 companies, early-stage start-ups, government agencies & non-profits. Dee works at mobile product design studio Funsize, in Austin Texas where she lives with her husband, 2 border collie mixes, & 2 cats.
In her spare time she enjoys playing video games, reading on her Kindle & scuba diving in her hometown (Curaçao - an island in the Caribbean!).

Emily Davis

Skillcrush Lead Developer

Emily is the lead developer at Skillcrush as well as the Product Development team's Scrum Master. Fun fact: she was Skillcrush's first full-time employee!
When Emily is not at Skillcrush (which is most of the time), she can be found practicing yoga, playing Zelda or wrangling her wild child of a daughter Ramona.

Kelli Smith

Skillcrush customer support

Kelli handles customer support here at Skillcrush – plus she's an early alum of Skillcrush 101! She's also taken advanced web development classes and has been an organizer in the Helsinki Rails Girls chapter.
In addition to helping the Skillcrush team and students, Kelli loves tech podcasts, cute Corgi photos, and Catalan style line dancing — as a true Texan living in Finland would!

Leslie Zaikis

Skillcrush Sales & Marketing

Leslie runs point on Skillcrush sales, marketing, and business development. She previously ran business development for a digital media startup and worked as a management consultant in Washington DC.
Outside of Skillcrush, Leslie can be found reading dystopic fiction, scouting NYC for the city's best nachos, or at SoulCycle.

Libby Espeland

Customer Support and Production Assistant

Libby is our Customer Support & Production Assistant. She's a 9-5 office escapee with a background in brand management and 'wow experience' cultivation.
Libby lives with her husband and crazy Husky in the middle of corn country, USA - Iowa! She's quite the podcast junky, tells stories with way too many hand gestures, and loves a good business book with a glass of wine.

Rachel Hettinga

Skillcrush WordPress & Web Development Instructor

Rachel is our WordPress and Web Development instructor here at Skillcrush! Fuelled by coffee, she brings over seven years of experience in development, and three years as a full-time freelancer. She runs her own company that focuses on small to medium local businesses and is an active member of the WordPress community!
You can often find Rachel logging in from her vehicle on a road trip, a co-working space abroad or in a coffee shop. Rachel loves to travel and get outdoors as much as possible and is currently working from Mexico!

Randle Browning

Director of Content

Randle wrangles words here at Skillcrush, from writing blog posts and hosting webinars to helping out with sales copy. Before landing in content marketing, Randle taught writing at Boston College, opened a restaurant, and sang in a jazz band.
Randle lives in Waco, TX with her pizza shop-owning husband and 3 (!) rescue dogs. She loves to read novels, attempt headstands, listen to podcasts, and have people over for dinner. When she’s not writing, she's Instagramming vegan food.

Sara Regan

Skillcrush Web Development & Ruby on Rails Instructor

Sara is a friendly course instructor and rampant Rubyist who teaches Web Development and Ruby on Rails classes. She's also a Skillcrush alumni! Though she hails from the land down under, she is currently calling Berlin home.
When Sara's not teaching here at Skillcrush, she's organizing a Rails Girls event or lending a hand with organizing Rails Girls Summer of Code.


What They Say About Skillcrush:

“The beauty of Skillcrush is how it turns a world that outsiders view as either walled off or indecipherable, into simple, relatable language.”

“Using Skillcrush is like learning from your friendly, accessible best girl friend (not that it matters — about 25% of Skillcrush users are men).”

“Skillcrush is teaching the next generation of programmers and entrepreneurs. [They're] re-shaping the whole discussion about how you learn to code and what you do with it. That's a big deal.”

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Skillcrush changed my life… The skills I learned made me confident enough to chase my dream job after I was suddenly fired from a job I hated. Now I’m in non-profit marketing, and the more skills I can bring to the table, the better!

— Charlotte Baker

Nonprofit Marketing Coordinator | Dallas, TX

I finished Skillcrush class AND got my first job as a front-end developer. Woot woot! Skillcrush FTW! I am working at a web dev agency. We have some pretty big clients, and also work with a lot of graphic design agencies that don’t have the capacity to code the sites they design in house. So far, I am loving it!!

— Becca Slosberg

Front End Web Developer at The Atom Group | Portsmouth, NH

Taking that first step and learning with Skillcrush was life-changing. Not only did it make coding accessible and fun, but I also felt that I was part of a community that genuinely wanted me to succeed.

— Paola Maldonado

iOS Developer | Brooklyn, NY

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