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Hey there Skillcrusher!

You’re probably here because life happened and you fell behind on your Blueprint. We get it!

That’s why all Skillcrush Blueprints come with lifetime access. You can catch up with your lessons at any time, at the pace that works for you. And we’ll still be here to help!

That being said, we know it can be helpful to “officially” restart your Blueprint so the daily emails can keep you on track while classmates and instructors can lend extra support.

That’s why we’re happy to transfer students to new sessions up to three times. (At no additional charge, of course!)


How It Works


Fill out the form below to request a transfer – that’s it! We’ll email you with next steps once you’re all set.

Keep in mind that it might take up to 72 hours for your transfer to be processed.

Transfer Request Form



Things to Keep in Mind


•  A transfer will restart your class emails and give you access to the new Mightybell circle for your group.

•  You can re-start at the beginning of any class in your Blueprint.

•  If you purchased your Blueprint within the last thirty days and believe it’s no longer the right good fit, you can also transfer into a different Blueprint.

•  A transfer will not reset any previous challenges or projects on your account. Most students choose to pick up where they left off or delete and re-do the work as they go. It’s up to you, but we think extra practice is always a good thing :)

•  There is no charge for a transfer and requesting one will not affect previously scheduled payments.

•  Students are permitted to transfer up to three times at no additional charge. If you request a fourth transfer, we’ll politely remind you that you’ve hit your limit but you’ll still continue to have access to all of your lessons. :)

•  You can transfer to a new session up to four months in advance. If you’d like to re-start later (or are not sure when you’d like to restart), you can still fill out the form to pause your class emails. There’s a spot for that!

•  You’ll need to provide us with the email associated with your skillcrush.com account. If you’re not sure what email you used, you can double check in your Account Settings.




If you still have questions after reading this page, don’t hesitate to email us at hello@skillcrush.com. :)